Filing Trends: Learn About the Secret Weapon to Optimize Paper Filing

Are paper documents part of your daily business operations?

Most companies we work with are seeking ways to make their paper filing more efficient. To do that, many companies are employing niche tools such as file-labelling software, which allows you to create and print color-coded file labels.

Why are so many organizations turning to labeling software? To save thousands of dollars in labor costs, to reduce errors and to manage risk. This article reveals five ways that organizations are using file labelling software to achieve these dramatic results.

Decisions, Decisions: How to Select the Best Paper for Your Office

If one of the many tasks on your to-do list involves buying paper and office supplies for the office, how do you make the right decision for your office’s needs, and for the bottom line? Getting a good price on paper is certainly a great place to start (and your boss would agree), but there are other qualities like thickness, brightness and run-ability that make certain papers stand out.