How Small Businesses Can Save Money On Corporate Travel

Travel spend can easily get out of control, especially for growing businesses that don’t have concrete policies in place. So how can small businesses tailor their corporate travel processes to save money? If “winging it” no longer makes sense as your corporate travel plan, and you’re worried about reining in costs, then your company needs a formalized process for managing corporate travel.

The Perfect Response to Questions about A.I. Assistants

What I imagine many assistants get asked on a regular basis is what they think of A.I. Assistants. This is an excellent question, but my goodness, do people really think our answer is going to be: “They are great. I can retire early.”? The truth is, A.I. assistants are not assistants; they are tools. The term ‘A.I. assistant’ is a giant misnomer. I have spent hours crafting a perfect response to this question and now I would like to share it with the world.