The Perfect Virtual Team Building Activity

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Connect Your Remote Team and Boost Morale with Online Escape Rooms

Since work from home (WFH) became the norm in March 2020, workplaces need to contend with the effects of a dispersed workforce. Research has shown a negative impact in the mental health of remote workers, including a lack of motivation and satisfactiondecreased productivity, and feelings of isolation and loneliness. 

As team cohesion suffers, employees have a greater need for good social interactions to keep them engaged with their colleagues and the goals/values of an organization. Enter virtual escape rooms – a way to keep your dispersed team connected while providing a fun and productive break from the everyday.

The Best Virtual Team Building for Your Team

Palace Games, a renowned escape room company based in the historic Palace of Fine Art in San Francisco, is a leader in providing fun and competitive corporate team building games. Key to the mission of Palace Games (PG) is to bring joy and connection to employees. This mission has become even more important since COVID-19 sent the world into lockdown. As most workplaces pivoted to WFH models, PG saw the opportunity to provide the new dispersed workforce with a chance for joy and connection from the comfort of their homes through new virtual games. 

The Jewel Palace Series, PG’s virtual team building game series, is a collection of online escape rooms developed specifically to bring joy and connection to remote teams. Any size group can play by dividing into teams of 3-4 players that compete against each other for a spot on the reservation’s private leaderboard. Teams connect via video conference and use their browsers to explore mysterious virtual palaces, working together to solve a variety of fun, challenging puzzles.

VIRTUAL TEAM BUILDING: Team Bonding Through Problem Solving

PG’s virtual games require real teamwork. In fact, some puzzles cannot be solved alone! In order to succeed in the game, players must work together and communicate effectively. 

Players will work on important skills such as problem solving, communication, delegation, creative thinking, and detail orientation. Not only will players build on these skills but they will also have a chance to deepen their bonds with colleagues in a time when there is a dire need for social interactions.

Increase Employee Engagement Through Online Escape Rooms

Employees delight in the friendly competition generated by PG virtual team building games. As a large group divides into small teams to play, each team is motivated to work together to find success and earn the top spot on your reservation’s private leaderboard. Not only will your group enjoy the fun competition, but with Shared Leaderboards you can challenge other groups or departments at your organization, sparking social engagement across the board as workers challenge each other and share their experience.

Why Palace Games Team Building Games Are Right for You

In addition to an obsession with developing stellar games that focus on team building, PG spends a lot of time thinking about how to make the setup process easy for the organizer. A standalone feature is the Game Administrator Portal (GAP) which makes setting up even the largest teams a breeze.

Though PG provides a great tool to give you the flexibility to set up your event on your own (and to your liking), you don’t have to go it alone! PG is always happy to offer support with their brilliant customer success team, the GEMs. From helping with set up, to Live Host add-ons, the GEM team is all about making your job easy and making you look good in the process.

See a case study for an organizer who won an award for setting up a virtual escape room event for her team here.


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Testimonials from Palace Games Customers:

“The smartest online escape rooms you’ll find, and we’ve done a lot of them. Palace Games brings their world-class expertise to a digital puzzle experience that really thinks out the interaction piece. Jewel Palace turns the online medium into a strength rather than a limitation, while still creating the signature team problem solving dynamic that makes analog escape rooms great. Finally our group can do these without having to get together each year– we would play one each month if we could!”

“Everyone had a great time, and we really appreciate how smoothly it went thanks to [the GEMs].  Thank you again for all of your help leading up to the event too, [the GEMs] were incredibly helpful and quick to respond.”

“I work in a fairly introverted work environment, but also a very motivated one. It was fun to see personalities come out and watch everyone working to their full capacity to solve the puzzles. However, now that we know each other’s personalities… I mean we may have opened Pandora’s box.”

“Great as a team activity and for beginners to escape rooms”

“At a time when so many fun things have had to be paused, the Ruby Palace from Palace Games is a stroke of genius. Clever, intuitive, and challenging, this online adventure was a great team-building exercise for a group of people who haven’t seen the inside of an office for months. Thoroughly recommend!”

“This was the perfect remote party game for our team. It was challenging and so much fun!”

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