Don’t Let Paper Jam Up Your Day

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Have you ever yelled at the copier or printer? We’ve all been there, especially when there is a paper jam.

As an office administrator, your day is full of enough worries, a jammed printer is the last thing you want to add to your to-do list. With deadlines to meet, people to impress, and work to do, you don’t have time to deal with the increased complaints and frequent service calls that come with paper jams.

There is nothing worse than hearing that cry of ‘help’ from the printer when someone is on deadline,” says Sarah Yedlick, office expert for Boise Paper. “And while many are quick to blame the equipment for a jam, the real culprit is often the paper. A premium paper with a jam-free guarantee can go a long way in helping your day run like clockwork so you can focus on other tasks.”

While every office is different, one thing is true everywhere—a quality paper plays an important part in the workplace. Here are four good practices to ease peace of mind in the office and help avoid paper jams.

  1. Select a guaranteed jam-free paper. In addition to inconsistent caliper, low-quality paper can have tiny waves, creases, or wrinkles that cause jams. High-quality paper is manufactured to very specific standards and usually comes with a performance guarantee, which means it will give you the same results ream-to-ream. Boise POLARIS®, X-9®and ASPEN®papers all have a 99.99% Jam-Free® Guarantee backed by third-party testing.
  2. Load the paper correctly. Fan the paper before inserting it into the printer to help eliminate the buildup of static electricity in the paper. Fanning will also make it easier for the machine to select one piece of paper at a time. Similarly, be sure that you are loading only as many sheets of paper as the printer tray can hold. This too can help reduce the possibility of overfeeding by the machine.
  3. Properly store paper. Paper will absorb moisture in the atmosphere, which can lead to curling and jams. For example, you may notice that the paper when left unused in the tray or stored incorrectly becomes “wavy.” Find a warm, dry place to store paper in its original packaging and only unwrap what you are likely to use during the day. Consider storing paper off the floor and away from the office kitchen whenever possible.
  4. Conduct regular printer maintenance. Just like a car, your printer or photocopier requires regular servicing to run smoothly. Paper dust and buildup on rollers and sensors can cause problems or affect the paper feed. Keeping it clean and routinely checked will help eliminate paper jams from the start and lead to a more productive day, with more time to focus on your primary responsibilities.

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One thought on “Don’t Let Paper Jam Up Your Day

  1. This is a very timely topic. Working in higher education, paper is our world. Most would not think of its importance, but in my office, I manage the printers/copiers in the front office. So, when there is a jam, every one comes to seek me out when they can not figure out how to resolve the issue.
    The four points mentioned are the very things that I train my staff/student workers to do daily. But when it comes to major jams, they come seek me out to do the mechanic of the machine. Having more than a decade of experience, I can open up the machine and take it apart to find the smallest paper jams but also, I know what my limits are before calling for backup!


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