The Perfect Response to Questions about A.I. Assistants

What I imagine many assistants get asked on a regular basis is what they think of A.I. Assistants. This is an excellent question, but my goodness, do people really think our answer is going to be: “They are great. I can retire early.”? The truth is, A.I. assistants are not assistants; they are tools. The term ‘A.I. assistant’ is a giant misnomer. I have spent hours crafting a perfect response to this question and now I would like to share it with the world.

How to Make a Corporate Travel Policy

Why have a travel policy if your team doesn’t follow the rules? Unfortunately, the problem with most travel policies is simple: they are too long. Who has time to read and understand (and remember) all those details? What your employees need is a straightforward, one-page corporate travel policy. You can’t possibly cover all the contingencies on a single page, but you can highlight the key elements of your corporate travel policy, giving folks your most important guidelines in an easy-to-grasp format. A well-constructed document will make life on the road easier for your employees and increase travel policy compliance.

A Fresh Take on Office Organization

Forget about that new-but-never-used gym membership or that filled-to-the-brim swear jar; make a resolution that’s easy to keep and is beneficial to your productivity, brain power and overall well-being. It’s time to kick organization into high gear! Kiss clutter, stress, mess, germs and unorganized office spaces goodbye in 2018, and welcome 2019 with a fresh take on office organization.