4 Business Travel Hacks to Make Your Next Trip a Breeze

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by Upside Business Travel


1. Save a Profile for Each Traveler You Support

 As an admin, knowing the travelers you’re booking for is essential to doing your job correctly. That’s why creating a “profile” for each one will save you a ton of time in the end. The profile should include key details, like their employee ID and their contact information at work and home.

In their profile, you can also include any preferences the employee may have about the airline(s) they fly and any frequent flyer membership numbers they may possess. You should also list their meal requirements and whether they prefer to sit on the aisle or by the window.

These profiles may take a few minutes to create upfront, but it will help you book so much quicker from here on out while making sure each traveler gets accommodated to the best of your ability. It definitely beats calling your travelers every time you book and pestering them with the same questions.

A booking portal like Upside will even allow you to keep all traveler profiles in one place and easily select them when setting up a trip. With the click of a button, you can populate a traveler’s info so that you don’t have to re-type each person’s name, number, email, or membership numbers every time you book.


2.  Spread The Word About Trusted Traveler Programs

 Part of your traveler profiles should include whether or not a traveler is a member ofone of these programs. Whether flying for business or pleasure, security checkpoints are definitely one of the biggest hassles of getting to a destination. And, when it comes to work trips, travelers often don’thave a lot of time to spare—meaning any line poses the potentialofastressfuldelay.So,whynothelpyourtravelersskipthem?

The responsibility of a travel coordinator goes beyond making sure everyone gets to their destination. You want to make sure travelers get to their destination comfortably and confidently. You’re their go-to resource for questions about the trip.

You can be the proactive hero by encouraging your travelers to apply to trusted traveler programs like Global Entry, CLEAR, or TSA Pre✓®. All of these are U.S. Customs and Border Protection Trusted Traveler programs.

These programs are official pre-screenings that allow travelers to skip ahead of long security lines and enjoy less hassle at airport checkpoints. Direct each traveler tothe portalfortherightprogramandhavethemapply.

The membership comes with a small fee, but it will prove well worth it when travelers get to buzz right past the hustle and bustle and get to the business lounge faster where they can kick up their feet and wait for their flight in peace. And, don’t stop there. Share advice with them regularly.

3.  Turn Itineraries Into CheatSheets

Communication is a critical component of a smooth trip. In addition to the standard trip details, it can also be helpful to include a cheat sheet with other info your travelers might need. This includes the dimension limitations of the airline they’re flying so they know how big their carry-on can be. For ease of packing, you can even include a reminder to bring a travelpillow if it’s going to be along flight or let them know that they’re flying first-class with free dinner and beverages.

This handy cheat sheet will prove extremely valuable for the travelers you support. It will definitely save them some headaches while on-the-go–and keep them more productive.

As for those pesky trip details, ditch the manual print-outs and and let Upside consolidate the rest of the itinerary for you!

When a travel coordinator books on behalf of an Upside traveler, the itinerary and travel information will automatically appear in the traveler’s iOS or Android app. They will also receive email confirmation automatically. All you have to do is book their trip and the rest is hands-off. This means the core details, like flight numbers and times are automatically forwarded to them.

4.  Earn Cash Back When You Book Smarter

Booking with a company credit card is a well-known hack that can help you earn 1-2 percent back on travel costs. But, what if your company doesn’t have a rewards card to book with? Or, what if you do–and you want to earn even more?

If you think that would make all the difference in the world, then Upside Business Travel is the no-fee travel management solution that you’re searching for.


At Upside, every time your team spends $100,000 on travel, your company will earn 3 percent cashback. That’s $3,000 back into the budget, and that can rapidly add up! Arming you and your team with Upside will definitely make you the most savvy admin around.

Visit Upside.com to discover how you can enjoy a smoother experience booking and managing business travel for your team–with no fees, contracts, or long-term commitment.

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