New Year’s Resolution… or Revolution?

by Veronica Cochran



Dr. Veronica Cochran, CEO of IAAP

60 days and counting… After accepting the position as CEO for IAAP I must admit I am more excited and energized than ever over the future possibilities that exist for us in this emerging new year! As an international association, our vision and strategic plan are crystal clear. We understand the criticality of serving our members, nonmembers, and the administrative professional at large. We are committed to expanding our reach and developing relevant resources to ensure office and administrative professionals are properly prepared and equipped to meet the growing demands and performance challenges that surround this vital profession. At its best, the administrative profession represents a vital business partnership that is central to achieving business objectives. In light of this truth, our work must also involve the ecosystem that surrounds these professionals.

In my opinion, the work of elevating this profession begins with elevating the perceived value and importance of this profession. This shift in perception can’t be limited to our external colleagues but must involve reshaping the personal perceptions and internal images held by those in the profession itself. If our experiences are in part responsible for how we see ourselves, then we will need to create new experiences to reconfigure our internal wiring. I can’t think of anything more impacting to performance than perception.

It’s been said, we often teach others how to see us based on how we see ourselves. Therefore, we must work to not only educate ourselves but reeducate our self-perceptions.

Within the last 2 months, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of the most extraordinary individuals that inspire my continued commitment to this amazing profession and its professionals through their selfless dedication to this purposeful work. It is my greatest hope to build strong alliances and strategic partnerships to advance our shared mission, this work is too great and too important to be done in isolation. It will require powerful collaborations and global teams aligned and synergized in our approach to change the trajectory and recreate the future.

I believe effective leadership is contagious and leaders must work to develop new leaders not simply retain followers.

As I reflect on my own unique leadership approach, I believe that leadership is a shared responsibility and that the most effective leaders create what is known as… leadership. I understand first-hand the importance of smooth leadership transitions and while desiring to successfully navigate my own on-boarding, it’s equally important to me to create a culture of leadership that optimizes each individual team member. I believe effective leadership is contagious and leaders must work to develop new leaders not simply retain followers. A leadership culture will ensure a bright future for both the association and profession. I believe my success in this role is tied to more than achieving KPI’s and strategic goals and initiatives. I hope to enable us to leverage our leadership locally and globally.

As we approach the new year I feel an enormous sense of obligation and professional duty to advance this work and accelerate this mission. I hope you feel the same…  the future’s waiting!

Dr. Veronica Cochran has served in a variety of managerial and executive leadership capacities within industry-leading organizations over the last 20 years. After a mutually rewarding partnership with International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), she was recently named CEO. Veronica has a deep passion for office and administrative professionals and looks forward to advancing the critical work surrounding this profession. After years of recognizing that leadership development was reserved for those in formal leadership roles, she started an organization known as L.I.F.E. Concepts dedicated to empowering all people to recognize and reach their highest leadership potential. Veronica plans to utilize her personalized approach, unique leadership capability, and innovative strategies to accelerate the mission and vision of IAAP. You can contact Veronica at

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