New Certification Advisory Board


IAAP Certified Administrative Professional

If you’re committed to the administrative profession, you’ve probably heard about the IAAP CAP (Certified Administrative Professional) designation. The IAAP CAP is the only widely accepted assessment-based professional certification for those in the office management, assistant, and administrative field.

A new governance structure has just been implemented in order to ensure the quality and rigor of IAAP’s certification program. The new structure follows the Standards for Accreditation of Certification Program (mandated by NCCA) and IAAP is now a member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE). This achievement will help make sure the IAAP CAP continues to be the authority of administrative certification.

We’re proud to announce our new Certification Advisory Board as part of the first phase in developing this governance structure (completed during 2016). The board will help to increase IAAP CAP recognition as the premier credential for office and administrative professionals worldwide.

Certification Advisory Board

The IAAP Certification Advisory Board is a vital part of IAAP certification. These individuals serve as the connection between our staff and our credential holders by providing industry expertise. Board members will serve a three-year term and will be advocates of the IAAP CAP as they help strengthen and maintain the program.

Jodi Allison, CAP-OM    |   ANSYS, Inc. 

Debra Behler, CAP-OM    |   UC Physicians 

Michelle Clayton, CAP-OM   |   Union Public Schools 

Jean Cocco, CAP-OM   |   Fresenius Medical Care North America

Carol Fritzgerald, CAP-OM   |   Noble Americas Energy Solutions

Rosemary Hughes, CAP   |   City of Lethbridge  

Terri Lundskow, CAP   |   Charles Co Board of Education

Monique Richardson, CAP-OM   |   Spirit Aero Systems 

Sheila Rovang, CAP-OM   |   Aspirus, Inc.

Barbara Schuler, CAP-OM   |   HDR, Inc. 

Kim White, CAP-OM   |   Southeastern University  

Elizabeth White-Peters, CAP-OM   |   Thomson Reuters 

Vonette Yon, CAP-OM   |   Johns Hopkins University


Congratulations to our new Certification Advisory Board members!

One thought on “New Certification Advisory Board

  1. Congratulations to the Certification Advisory Board on assuming this task.
    Comment: Would like to see the CAP program disseminated into its different components instead of an all-for-one review and test program. Would like to see the individual components then offered through local colleges and other educational institutions with a standardized curriculum.
    Thank you. Gail Gray, Member


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