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Paper remains an indispensable part of business in the Web age. In fact, while computers are firmly entrenched as the main work tool in most offices, people continue to print out key documents for important meetings, and turn to printed sources for reliable information. According to a poll conducted by Doremus and the Financial Times, 60 percent of the senior executives they surveyed across North America, Europe and Asia said that when they want in-depth analysis, they turn to print.1

This reliance on print is not the exclusive purview of the executive. There is also a notable preference among professionals at every level for reading printed documents compared to online, especially when they are working in a team setting or need to really assimilate information. A 2009 study conducted by Harris Interactive® on behalf of Earthtone revealed that 64 percent of workers prefer ink on paper when it comes to reading. Ironically, the rate was even higher (70 percent), with employees of technology companies.2

Printed presentations also continue to represent a valuable “leave behind.” Printed in color, presented in an elegant folder or bound, they can serve as a powerful visual reminder of a meeting—even when the original presentation was made from your laptop. They can be easily discussed and annotated during discussions, and referred to long after you have shaken hands and said “thank you for your attention.”

And why is this? Research has shown that, among other things, many people find hard copies more practical to manage during presentations or group discussions because they are easier to navigate and annotate than electronic documents. What’s more, it has been argued that we learn differently from the printed word than from a screen, and that we may actually learn better from a book, newspaper or printed report than we do using a computer.3

That’s why you’ll make just the right impression when you choose Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media. Whether you’re using Xerox® Vitality™ Office Papers for everyday printing or Xerox® Bold™ Professional Quality Paper for your most important documents, you can trust Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media to make you look a step above the rest.

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