Outlook Q&A

summit-content-header-meMelissa Esquibel, MCT, MOSMIAAP Summit 2016 Speaker
Session during IAAP Summit 2016 is:

  • Advanced Outlook for the Admin Pro
    7.25.2016 | 10:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. & 7.26.2016 | 1:45 – 4:00 p.m.

Q: How can I find an email again without searching all of Outlook? I do not always remember where I foldered it.

1A: If you are always searching for emails from a particular person or about a particular subject, but do not always folder them in the same place, try using Search Folders. Look in the Navigation Pane on the left and scroll down until you see your Search Folders section. Some are automatic, out-of-the box folders like Unread or Flagged for Follow-up. However, you can set your own, two. Right click on Search Folders and create a new Search folder. Select or enter the criteria and click OK to save it. It does not matter where it is in your folder structure. Your Search Folder will always show it, and by the way, the folder in which it is stored!

Q: How do I access more advanced Search tools in Outlook?

2A: It is easier than ever to do something beyond a basic keyword search in Outlook. When you click into the Search field at the top of your Inbox, you’ll notice that a contextual tab pops up called, Search Tools. From this ribbon, you can choose to search on a variety of attributes, such as Categorized, Has Attachments, This Week, Flagged and more.

Q: Can you draft an email and schedule it to send later? There are times when I am out of the office and want to delay sending an email. Will it send it if I am logged out?

3A: Yes, you can delay email delivery in Outlook. While composing the email, click on the Options tab, and in the More Options group. Click the Delay Delivery button and check the checkbox in fields for the “Do not deliver before field.” Be sure to enter both the date and time. When you exit, you will get a message that there is still an item in your Outbox. Click past this to exit anyway. It will send on the date you entered if you are logged on to Outlook. Although I’ve seen claims in my research that says you can get delayed send to work even if you’re are not logged on, I have not been successful doing it. Check with your Exchange administrator to see if they have recommendations. Otherwise, you would need to remain logged on. If this is against company policy, do not circumvent it for just this purpose.

Melissa Esquibel, MCT specializes in transforming those confused by technology into empowered users of these powerful software tools. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) with more than 25 years in business application technology, Melissa has a unique ability to make learning programs enjoyable and valuable.

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