The IAAP CAP Study Guide is Almost Here!

IAAP CAP Study Guide

Planning to sit for the IAAP Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) exam? Prepare with the IAAP CAP Study Guide. Learn more about professional certification with IAAP and become a stand-out administrative professional. 

CAP-Study-Guide-cover---finalThis brand new study aid will help you navigate through information as you prepare for the IAAP CAP exam. IAAP requires a combination of education and/or years of experience in order to be eligible to sit for the exam. If you qualify, a significant amount of preparation is required due to the breadth and depth of the information covered. The IAAP CAP Study Guide takes the exam’s Body of Knowledge and provides candidates with a foundation to prepare for the exam.

Since the certification exam is based on information, skills, and goals within a profession, no one source will completely prepare an individual to sit for the IAAP CAP and guarantee a passing score. IAAP CAP Study Guide, written by subject matter experts, delves into the seven domains and their performance outcomes and recommends additional resources to help you create your individual exam preparation plan.

This study guide was made possible by a generous grant from The Foundation of IAAP.


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Get IAAP CAP Certified

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$129 (member), $229 (nonmember)

Want more information on earning the designation that will set you apart from the crowd? Check out the IAAP website for exam dates, costs, resources, and more!

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