IAAP Summit 2015: Volunteer Recognition & Monday General Session

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The Volunteer Recognition Reception 

Volunteers of the Association were recognized by IAAP BoD president, Antoinette Smith, CAP-OM. The event was full of appreciation and networking. A Volunteer Recognition Reception booklet was given to all attendees which held all recognized names of those that dedicated their time to IAAP.

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Monday General Session Recap

Jay Donohue, IAAP CEO, gave the IAAP Summit 2015 attendees a rallying address during the Monday General Session. His speech addressed our annual conference’s new identity as a fresh, focused event. IAAP Summit 2015 will continue to adapt and form as it progresses. Please be sure to fill out the IAAP Summit 2015 Attendee Survey after you return from Louisville.

The administrative profession is growing and now, more than ever, it’s important that you set yourself apart form others in your field. IAAP remains and continuously strives to be your primary source for your career success. Administrative and office professionals are increasingly in demand. In the 2015 Talent Shortage Survey from Manpower, it’s evident that the market is again seeking trained, skilled workers to fill office and administrative positions. Out of the thousands of different jobs that people work every day, your job ranks as the No. 5 hardest to fill. The admin profession is a profession that is here to stay.

That said, we know it’s important to keep IAAP accessible and affordable for you and the workforce of tomorrow. IAAP membership dues will freeze at their current rate until October 2016. A new membership dues tiered structure (effective October 2016) will be implemented with varying levels of services and benefits better suited to support your needs at the individual stages in your career progression. Details will be released in mid 2016.

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Plan Your Path with Park & IAAP

On a very exciting note, IAAP is entering a partnership with Park University—a private university offering both undergraduate and graduate academic programs. In addition to 40 campus centers across North America, Park University also features enhanced 24/7 online learning programs. This partnership will bring IAAP membership added value. According to the 2015 IAAP Benchmarking Survey, over forty percent of respondents said they’d be interested in a degree completion program.

Today, we’re introducing “Plan Your Path with Park and IAAP”. Not only will Park University plan your path individually, Park’s admissions faculty will meet with each member interested on a one-to-one basis to assess your prior life and career experience. You’ll develop a specific “path” that may include college credits.

In fact, Park University has already assessed both the IAAP Leadership Academy and the IAAP CAP Exam. With Park and IAAP, you can plan your path to a college degree. Find more information at their booth in the Marketplace.

The IAAP Complete Office Companion

We’re excited to announce that the IAAP Complete Office Companion will now offer the chance to earn 24 recertification points. That’s only $99 for a whopping 24 IAAP CAP Recertification points! Stop by the Learning Table for more information. The IAAP Complete Office Companion will offer monthly opportunities for earning recertification points, including subscription-only quizzes and live webinars.

It’s time for universities and employers to know about IAAP and what it stands for. That’s where you come in. Share IAAP and recruit new members. If every member recruits just one new member this year, our membership growth goal will become a reality. Our future is bright at IAAP and it begins now.


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