IAAP Summit 2015: Town Hall Meeting

The Town Hall Meeting took place earlier today (Sunday, July 26) and provided IAAP Summit 2015 attendees the chance to ask questions and glean information from IAAP leaders.

Board Elections

To start off, the inaugural year of “one member, one vote” has officially been put to the test with new online voting for the open Board of Directors positions. This election had a fantastic turnout, with almost 21% of the membership participating. We are thrilled with our members’ involvement and interest.

The new IAAP Board of Directors structure includes a Chair position for a one-year term, a Chair-Elect (who automatically ascends to Chair following a one-year term), and five Directors-at-Large positions for two-year terms. The open positions this year included Chair-Elect and two Directors-at-Large. Each of the candidates were experienced and qualified enough to hold a Board seat. Your voices were heard and your winning candidates were chosen:

IAAP BoD Chair–Elect: Kristi Rotvold, CAP-OM
IAAP BoD Directors-at-Large: Terri Peters, CAP and Juanita Mort, CAP-OM

We’re pleased to announce two additional directors who have been appointed by 2015-2016 IAAP Board President, Wendy Melby, to serve a one-year term on the 2015-2016 Board of Directors. Selection was based on what they will offer to the IAAP Board business and leadership experience-wise. These new directors will bring a very welcome, new perspective to IAAP:

IAAP BoD Directors-at-Large: Dawn Becker, CAP-OM and Phiandra Peck, CAP-OM


144 LANs (Local Area Networks) have been approved and are already getting organized. We are excited to see this new structure take form as it delivers education, local connection, and networking regularly. A complete list of LANs will be released to the membership shortly after IAAP Summit 2015.

In keeping with our dedication to offering a multitude of connection and learning opportunities, we are continuing to offer many options. In the next few weeks while LANs become completely operable, try out Mentor Match and attend a Connections & Cocktails Happy Hour to stay connected with your peers.

Foundation of IAAP: Vista Grande Update & Recent Grants

Vista Grande has been rebranded as an active adult community. New updates to the grounds and buildings have already taken place and more are in the works (check the website for more updates). The Foundation of IAAP is ensuring this community stays vibrant and member-supported.

In this past year, the Foundation of IAAP has granted funds for:

  • The development and publication of the first-ever IAAP CAP Self-Study Guide
  • An entirely updated IAAP CAP exam
  • A brand awareness initiative for membership recruitment and retention.
  • Start-up seed money to assist LANs get off the ground and be as successful as possible.
  • IAAP Leadership Academy 2015

Update from Alabama/Georgia Branch Advisor, William Richardson

There is an upcoming Branch Event on September 12, which will feature relevant session topics on technology and communications, as well as some lively social networking. The Alabama/Georgia Branch, like all IAAP Branches, are dedicated to boosting member engagement and participation.

Update from Association Influencer: Heather Ladiski, CAP-OM

The first-ever year of IAAP Association Influencers is now complete. Heather Ladiski says it was exciting to have a first-hand experience of the IAAP Revitalization at the ground floor. “I appreciated the opportunity to give our two cents about IAAP and membership.”

Dues Structure

We employed a working group that took stock of our current classifications of membership. After submitting their report, the IAAP BoD adopted a new streamlined structure of membership, in which dues will be charged based on which tier you’re in. More information about this structure will be released soon!

Please note that dues are not increasing. The new dues structure will be applied in 2016.

Future IAAP Summits

This is the first year of IAAP Summit and we’re already making adjustments for upcoming conferences. The IAAP Summit schedule will be decreased by one day, in order keep our attendees from missing a whole week of work. Next year, attendees will arrive Friday and the Closing Celebration will be held on Tuesday evening. IAAP Summit 2016 is in Hollywood, Florida and IAAP Summit 2017 is in New Orleans, LA.

One thought on “IAAP Summit 2015: Town Hall Meeting

  1. I m pleased with the change to a shorter Summit starting next year!!

    Also, wanted to suggest having a massage school come in and offer 10-15 chair massages for attendees, between sessions! I think that would be a great way to refresh and renew!


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