Leadership Bootcamp at IAAP Summit 2015

IAAP Summit 2015 Leadership Bootcamp
IAAP’s very own, Emily Allen (@emilyallen), talks IAAP Summit 2015 Leadership Bootcamp.

We all go through our day with a brain full of information. The thoughts that run around in our heads can drain our day of usefulness by distracting us, filling us with regret, fear and anxiety. Today at the Leadership Bootcamp, presenter Miara Shaw talked about the way to clear our minds by getting what’s in our brain out and then evaluating what to keep. It’s easy and it’s quick:

CKw7M7KWIAAXB5-.jpg-largeWrite down your full mental ticker.
What’s running through that mind of yours? Are you fretting over the project that’s due next week? Did you forget the towels in the washer? Maybe your beloved dog is sick and you’re thinking of applying to take your CAP simultaneously. No matter what you’re thinking, from figuring out what you’re serving for dinner to work-related brain chatter, get it all down.

Mark what you can’t control. If your dog is sick, that’s something you can’t control. Is it raining on the day you’d planned a picnic? Mark that off. If you have something taking up brain space out of your control, forget it. If you can’t change it, you don’t need to think about it.

Mark out items of low value. You need to mail in your car registration but it’s not due for three months. That’s not a high priority. Cross it off.

Mark items that aren’t your truth. Is there someone telling you that you need to get your hair cut, but you don’t want to? It’s not your truth. Does your mother want to you switch jobs or get married but that’s not anything you’re remotely interested in. Not your truth, so check it off.

Prioritize the remaining items. Now look at that list. You might want to move that work project to the number one spot. It has a timeline and, well, it’s your job. You want to apply to take the CAP Exam. That’s your truth and it’s important. Figure out where that fits amongst the other items and order them according to importance.

Celebrate your progress. This process frees your brain. It allows you to concentrate on what’s important in your life. Take a few minutes to do this once a week and you’ll find you’ll have a clearer head and a less cluttered life.

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