IAAP Summit 2015 is Almost Underway!

The IAAP Headquarters staff is getting everything prepped and ready to go before attendees begin showing up for IAAP Summit 2015 later this afternoon. We can’t wait for the Kentucky International Convention Center to fill up with all of you amazing admins. There’s always an exciting buzz at our annual conference, and we have no doubt it will be present this year as well.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 9.58.54 AM  IMG_1795  IMG_1791

The staff dined out last evening for some great conversation and–as an extremely close second–great food. We had the chance to sign the Wiltshire On Market’s graffiti wall with our names and chalk-fashioned IAAP Summit logo (see the photo above). We’re all thrilled to be in Louisville and can’t wait to get this week started. Please feel free to stop us in the hallway or find us at the Info Hub/IAAP Hub to ask us questions or just say hi. Don’t be shy! We don’t usually bite.

We’re busy putting together the registration booth, IAAP Hub, and Info Hub in the Riverside Lobby. Registration for IAAP Summit 2015 opens in less than just over an hour! Be sure to browse through all of the IAAP logo merchandise and books from session presenters. We’re already eyeing that IAAP mason jar tumbler. Just sayin…

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