Power Of Public Speaking

Looking for 10 quick and easy-to-implement tips to power up your presentation game? Here it is, along with information on how you can work with Danielle to get you from behind the scenes whether you are speaking in-person or online!

This blog is authored by one of our outstanding educators contributing to IAAP Summit 2022.

Summit 2022 focuses on owning your why and enhancing your value. The profession is ever-evolving and you have to learn new skills and competencies to perform today and prepare for tomorrow. With training in skills like Project Management, AI for the AP, Change Management, Summit 2022 provides the tools and resources for admins today and in the future. And, with sessions on how to create a career portfolio, how to use your voice effectively, and how to dig in when the going gets tough, you’ll leave with no doubts about both your why and your value.

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