PERFORM Strategically

A supplement to an article titled “Embracing Different Perspectives” published in the October edition of OfficePro magazine, written by Angela Ellis.

One key to accepting other perspectives is empathic communication. Here are some ways to PERFORM strategically to achieve this.

  • Purpose: The team needs to be in alignment and understanding on values, mission, and goals. Continually reiterate and question how the organization’s vision aligns with the tasks at hand. 
  • Empowerment: Leaders can empower others to own their work and team members can speak up when something is not working as planned. Ask others what they think and solicit ideas and solutions.
  • Relationships: To build collaboration and trust, team members need opportunities to interact. Initiate one on one, as well as team communication.  
  • Flexibility: Changes and adjustments are needed at times; be alert, be aware, and be ready to shift. If a team member is absent, who can do their work? If demands change, how will your team keep up? Suggest developing contingency plans before you need them.
  • Optimization: Effective processes and guidelines are important to keep things running smoothly. Teams need to clarify tasks but shouldn’t stop there. Seek out ideas for how to improve process and efficiency.
  • Recognition: Leaders and staff, alike, should show appreciation for the efforts and contributions of others. Look for ways and reasons to recognize others.
  • Morale: Keeping everyone motivated is not just about team lunches and bowling outings. Increasing the quality of your conversations builds morale too. How interest in the person, not just the job they are doing.


OfficePro Magazine is an award-winning publication from IAAP. Each issue is filled with useful content, special offers, and association information.

About the author: Angela Ellis, of Enhance Business Solutions, is a leadership and career coach and corporate learning facilitator. She is also a published author and resides in Nashville, Tennessee. 

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