Quick Time Tip in Outlook

By Kristin Parker CPCU, CAP, MOS

Do you ever get confused when scheduling meetings across multiple time zones? If you have Office 365 you are now able to add an additional time zone. I am not speaking about a second time zone. No Microsoft has added the option for a third time zone

To add time zones to your calendar, follow the directions below:

  1. Go to Options (in the backstage view),
  1. Click on Calendar, and scroll down to time zones. Click on show a second or third-time zone, and select the one you want to display from the drop-down list. Name it however you choose. I deal with Phoenix and San Antonio when scheduling my meetings which is why it’s labeled PHX and SAT. In my example I added the eastern time zone as my third option. 
  1. When you look at your calendar, this is what you will see:

You even have the option to swap time zones, putting them in the order that is convenient for you.

So, if you are scheduling a meeting over different time zones, this will help you know exactly what time it will be for everyone who is attending. 

Now I have asked myself, “Why wouldn’t they just make four?” That would have been logical to me, but I don’t know the answer. I am hopeful they will create that capability in the (near!) future.

Kristin Parker CPCU, CAP, MOS is an Executive Assistant working with USAA, and she has been in the Administrative Professional role for five years. She leads the IAAP Phoenix West Branch in Arizona, and has served in that role for two years providing continuing education for IAAP members.  She enjoys sharing knowledge with her peers through Facebook, LinkedIn and now IAAP Edge.

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