IAAP Achievement Awards Recognize AARP

by Marjorie Powell, Chief Human Resource Officer, AARP

At AARP, we have a deep appreciation of the value and the potential of our administrative professionals. We understand the pivotal role they play in making sure we operate efficiently and achieve our social mission.

AARP Employer Award

AARP Employer Award – The AARP Administrative Professionals Community of Practice Steering Committee, from left to right: Kellie Gowdy, Michele Kester, Terri Greene, and Vicki Watkins.

AARP Partnership Award

Partnership Award – Partnership Award Winners Karen Mercer, SVP & Treasurer (Left) and Michele Kester, Sr. Business Unit Associate (Right)

Achievment Award Michele Kester

Achievement Award – Achievement Award Winner Michele Kester, CAP

That is why we are honored to receive the IAAP’s employer award. It is also why we invest in the continual learning and development of our administrative professionals.

They are so often the initiators of important transactions. They are process keepers. With a 360-degree view of the organization, they are great facilitators of collaboration. For them collaboration is not a buzzword—it is what they practice every day.

Their role as highly informed connectors has taken on even more value at this time of universal telework at AARP. They are a key reason that we have been able to migrate in seamless fashion to offsite work for all of our staff.

One vital skill set they have shown in the virtual world is helping employees who are not especially tech savvy. In many cases, our administrative professionals are answering questions and providing guidance so that employees don’t have to call the Help Desk.

As AARP’s Chief Human Resource Officer, I am grateful that our administrative professionals are so devoted to the mission of our organization, so creative and conscientious in getting the job done, and so eager to broaden and deepen their skills. As they seek ways to keep learning and growing within their profession, AARP supports them in those efforts. We are committed to investing in their professional development.

We have expanded Administrative Professionals Day to include a conference and greater opportunities for learning. We support their participation in IAAP’s conference and seminar.

We have set up a community of practice at AARP where we help our administrative professionals practice and hone their skills. Within this group, they mentor each other, share information and resources, and grow skills and talents.

Thank you for this award that reminds us of the countless contributions of our administrative professionals and reaffirms our commitment to provide new opportunities for their learning and development.

Recognize an employer, partnership, or admin by nominating them for one of IAAP’s three achievement awards. You can find more information here:

Employer Award | Partnership Award | Achievement Award

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