What Is Your Leadership Style Powered By?

by Danielle N. Adams

GettyImages-1151571867Imagine you could improve employee productivity and engagement by getting to the core of the feelings behind their actions. What would that be worth to you? There is a quote from Zig Ziglar, “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” If you were to summarize the attitude of your leadership in one word, which of the following would it be: guilt, anger, compromise, service, opportunity, joy, or passion?

Whether or not you believe it, you are a leader in every aspect of your life. Typically, we lead in one of three ways—logically, emotionally, or intuitively—and our actions are informed by our thoughts and feelings. Of course, how we lead is often determined by the situation in front of us, whether it is according to how we expected it to go or it is a source of stress for us. In our professional spheres, it is often easy to recognize how many people lead from a conflictive or anger-fueled platform. These are people who invoke action through fear.

Each level of leadership has advantages and disadvantages, and at the surface small shifts can reap great rewards. When you identify the core energy or attitude,  you can be very intentional with your questioning to help shift the person’s perspective. These shifts can occur over the span of days, weeks, and years, or in mere minutes. When you identify the leading attitude, you can try one of these questions to elevate leadership:

Guilt | Anger: Which of your values are currently not being honored or are in conflict? (increase self-worth)

Anger | Compromise: What are you willing to take responsibility for in this situation? (decrease conflict)

Compromise | Service: What can you do to create a benefit or a win for the other party? (encourage taking things less personally)

Service | Acceptance: What are the possibilities? (help to create opportunities)

Each of these questions helps to coach a person from where they are currently functioning onto a more optimal leadership launchpad. The intention of each question is to inspire deeper thought and more engaged dialogue, challenge past assumptions, and help flip the switch on old paradigms. By helping others to reclaim their own pleaders a result of changing their attitude, you will realize higher altitudes as a more emotionally intelligent leader.

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Danielle N. Adams, founder and CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) at QueenSuite LLC, a global personal development company dedicated to educating, inspiring and empowering professionals to create their ideal lives. She is committed to helping professionals all over the world experience confidence, happiness, success, balance and freedom in business and in life. Through training, coaching and mentoring, Danielle teaches professionals how to transform their mindset so that they can live powerfully and reach their big goals faster than they ever thought possible. She is a certified professional coach, trainer, facilitator, business and career writer, podcast host, and public speaker who hails from the Jersey Shore and has been a proud resident of the Lehigh Valley since 2007. Her areas of concentration in her coaching practice are leadership potential and business and career development with professionals, and she was recognized by NJ State Assembly Resolution as an esteemed member of her community.

One thought on “What Is Your Leadership Style Powered By?

  1. Often we don’t think about leadership when we are in a support role, but we should because leadership affects all of the relationships in our lives and the very good questions that you posed can create better outcomes. Very good article, Danielle!


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