2 Quick Tips

by Intellezy

Using the Slide Master in PowerPoint

Have you ever needed to place a logo on every slide in your PowerPoint presentation?  Or need to change the font size and color of all your slide titles?  Or what about adding the same animation build to every bulleted list in your presentation?

Did you know that there is a place where you can set these changes up once and have them reflect across your whole presentation?

It’s called the slide master, and every admin should know how to use the slide master inside and out.  When you make changes on the master elements, such as the slide title or bulleted list placeholders, all of your slides reflect the new adjustment.

To learn even more about the slide master and see it in action, click here:




Using Flash Fill in Excel

Flash Fill is one of the most popular new features that was added to Excel back in the 2013 release. It will fill in cells for you automatically based on a pattern. So if you have first names in column A, and last names in column B, you can quickly fill column C with first and last names, or last names and then first names with a comma in between. Just supply the pattern for Excel, and it will do the rest.

And there is a handy shortcut key for Flash Fill. Simply highlight the cells containing the pattern as well as the empty cells you would like filled, and then press Ctrl + E. It’s that easy! Excel will fill in the cells with Flash Fill

Click here to watch Flash Fill, as well as Autofill, another great Excel feature, in action:



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One thought on “2 Quick Tips

  1. Thank you. As I just received my new logo for my company “AA-1 Designs”, my thoughts have been on how to get my new logo on multiple materials without repeating the process manually and without spending lots of money to do so through a print shop. Your PowerPoint shortcut answers the call. What good timing. Rosella Young, IAAP Foundation Ambassador in Anchorage, Alaska Branch
    Owner and Office Manager of AA-1 Designs – Vintage Side of Things (No website)


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