The Good Kind of Pop-Up

by Kristin Parker, CPCU, CAP, MOS


Are you afraid you are going to miss an email from someone important, like your boss? Everyone is busy attending meetings, collaborating and a considerable amount of time may be spent away from your desk. You can set up a rule that will give you a pop-up box when you receive an email from that important someone.

  1. Select an email from the person you’re creating the alert for, right click on the email, select Rules, then Create Rule.


  1. In the Create Rule window, you will have several options, but I prefer to keep it simple. Select the From box and Display in the new Item Alert window. Click OK.


  1. You will get a success window, click OK. If you want your system to run the rule on emails currently in your inbox, select Run this rule now on messages already in the current folder, and click OK. If not, just click OK.


  1. Now future emails from this person will generate a New Mail Alerts window. The window can be closed, or the email can be opened directly from the alert. To open the email from the New Mail Alerts window either highlight the email, and click Open Item, or simply double click on the email.


Now you will not have to worry about missing an email from that VIP again.

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Kristin Parker CPCU, CAP, MOS is an Executive Assistant working with USAA, and she has been in the Administrative Professional role for five years. She leads the IAAP Phoenix West Branch in Arizona, and has served in that role for two years providing continuing education for IAAP members. She enjoys sharing knowledge with her peers through Facebook, LinkedIn and now IAAP Edge.



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