The Power of “And”

by Carla Howard


And is such an underrated, ignored, and misunderstood word. Many of us were even taught to never start a sentence with And, it simply wasn’t worthy. <Sigh>

And yet, this single word is oh so powerful—here’s why I’m a fan of And.

It evokes:

  • Inclusion
  • Collaboration
  • Growth
  • Listening
  • Sharing
  • Trust

And, when we replace the words “but” or “however” with “and”—something magical happens. People become less defensive, resistant, and frustrated. There is a HUGE difference between saying:

“I understand your point Sally, but I don’t think the team has the resources to create the product.”


“I understand your point Sally, and I don’t think the team has the resources to create the product.”

Can you feel the difference? I’m pretty sure Sally’s reaction and the rest of this conversation will be much more open and solution focused when And is on the team.

I’m considering starting an “And Fan Club,” who’s with me?

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3 thoughts on “The Power of “And”

  1. Thank you for sharing, Victoria!! I was at a leadership event earlier this week… and there were soooo many opportunities to replace “but” with “and”. It would have totally changed the tone of the discussion!!! Keep u the good work of encouraging others to use and! 🙂

    (I loved your “and” sentence in your comment!)


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