Put a Stop To the Reply-All Blues

by Kristin Parker, CPCU, CAP, MOS


Do you ever get frustrated by the constant stream of emails from people replying all on a group email? No matter how many times we discuss the subject, people still hit replay all, even inadvertently. What if they didn’t have the option?

Here is the process to create a form to disable this function (sounds and looks harder than it is—trust me). If you already have the Developer tab on your ribbon, skip to step number five.

  1. On your home ribbon, right click in a blank gray space:


  1. You will receive a pop-up box, click on Customize the Ribbon:


  1. In the Main Tabs section, find Developer, check the box, and click OK:


  1. You will now have a Developer tab:


  1. Click on the Developer tab, and select Design a Form:


  1. You will get a pop-up box, select Message, and click open:


  1. A different looking email box will appear. Click Actions:


  1. On the following image, double click Reply to All:


  1. In the next pop-up box, uncheck the Enable box next to the Action Name: Reply to All, and click OK:


  1. Next click Publish on the Ribbon, and select Publish Form As:


  1. In the next pop up box, click the drop down for Look In; select Personal Forms Library, then name it in the Display Name field (I used ‘Disable Reply All’), and click Publish:


  1. Then simply close the email (Red X) and do not save.

Now when you are ready to use your form following these steps:

  1. Click the New Items drop down, scroll down to More Items, and click Choose Form:


  1. In the Look In field, click the drop down, select Personal Forms Library, click Disable Reply All (your form title), and click Open:


  1. It will open a new email that you can send, but the receiver won’t have the option to Reply All.

You now have a form you can use whenever needed.

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Kristin Parker CPCU, CAP, MOS is an Executive Assistant working with USAA, and she has been in the Administrative Professional role for five years. She leads the IAAP Phoenix West Branch in Arizona, and has served in that role for two years providing continuing education for IAAP members.  She enjoys sharing knowledge with her peers through Facebook, LinkedIn and now IAAP Edge.

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