Creating Group Emails and Calendars for Teams in Office 365

by Neil Malek


For years, managing a team’s calendar was stressful and confusing. To create an email address for the entire team, you had to get in touch with IT. If your company has moved over to a subscription on Office 365, everything has changed!

Office 365 Groups

New in Office 365 is the idea of an Office 365 Group. The concept is simple—rather than thinking of every single different Microsoft tool when you have a team that needs to work together, we create one group, and all the tools you need are automatically created. Microsoft makes an email address, calendar, SharePoint site—the whole enchilada.

So, the next time you have a team—a department, a group tasked with a project, or even an unofficial team that supports each other—go into Outlook and look for a button that says New Group.

Creating an Office 365 Group

On the Home Tab in Outlook, press New Group:


Then, you’ll want to name the group—notice the name is automatically converted into an email address:


If this project or team is sensitive in nature, make it a Private group to keep all other coworkers from seeing your content:


At this point, add any members you want to the group:


Now watch as a new email, calendar, and all the rest are automatically created.


Office 365 Groups are incredibly useful—they encompass any tools in the Office 365 suite your team wants to work with, and makes it easy for your group to collaborate.

Anyone in the company can now use to email our team, we can share our calendars, and we can collaborate in SharePoint with no extra effort.

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