Leadership Academy Helped Me Create a Strategic Partnership

by Kurt Zilley, CAP, OM


The Leadership Academy is a great opportunity for development and self-discovery. It is an opportunity to examine yourself through a different lens and learn skills in-depth. When I applied to the Leadership Academy, I indicated that I wanted to participate to “make personal improvements to gain confidence and skills which would benefit me in my work performance and could lead to the recognition of my leadership/supervisory skills for advancement.” I gained even more.

I was in the middle of a position and leadership change while I attended the Leadership Academy. The experience helped me to make the transition with confidence. All the skills were essential in application however, the two critical skills that helped me in the transition were 1.) Leadership Styles and 2.) Culture of Inquiry and Critical Thinking.

Leadership Styles

This competency helped me to identify the best ways to give direction to others by identifying my base leadership style, understanding how to adapt to meet the needs of the group and create the end results. With the knowledge I have gained I was also able to help my supervisor transition into his new role and coach him on adapting his styles.

Culture of Inquiry and Critical Thinking

This competency challenged my perspective in thinking about situations and how I respond to them. The Culture of Inquiry gives the opportunity to grow through shared perspectives and collaboration. I discovered that I need to challenge myself to deeper explore situations (opportunities and problems) to identify information and best resolution (critical thinking). As part of the process, I learned to accept my mistakes, apply that knowledge, and then move on.

The Leadership Academy has enhanced my skills to be a better coworker and leader, through stronger communications skills and an improved understanding of the needs of others. One of the results of my participation in the Leadership Academy is a strategic partnership with my supervisor. I encourage you to attend the Leadership Academy to grow your skills and challenge yourself.

You too can harness your natural leadership ability.

Foundations of Leadership, formerly known as Leadership Academy, is a 18-week exploration to discover your personal leadership identity. Through a combination of relevant content, 1:1 coaching, and mentor and peer connections, you’ll develop the leadership mindset to truly own your value. Learn more and apply today!


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