The Administrative Professional as a Technology Influencer

by Melissa Esquibel


Whether you want to be or not, your feedback to those that make the technology decisions can influence what new technology is implemented and how it’s rolled out. Don’t think so? A long time ago (after the earth cooled and the dinosaurs left), I was in IT. One of the main drivers of improvements and enhancements was getting our phone to stop ringing and our e-mail from filling up with complaints. Now, I’m not saying that you should accelerate the rate and volume of complaints. But, what I am suggesting is that you should be aware of how your issues are heard and how they might be heard better, resulting in positive changes that keep the same problems from happening over and over.

Each time you contact the help desk, whether on the phone or in ticket form, not only let them know what impact the broken thing is having on your work processes and who that is also impacting. For example, when you have to request that a new column be added to SharePoint library that would make it quicker for you to retrieve financial statements for auditors. Let them know that quicker is always better with auditors. The longer they wait, the more they may wonder about the efficacy of your financial statement document retrieval and management processes. If you had that access yourself, you could not only satisfy the auditors, keep your boss from biting her nails, and not have to bother them with something that’s really easy to do.

Be nice, of course. Take the consultative approach when stating impact. Take a moment to craft what you will say or what you will write.

  • State the problem in terms of what you are being prevented from doing
  • Explain the impact of that obstacle
  • Clarify the frequency with which that occurs
  • Suggest a fix, if you know one (even if you’re not confident with the technology).
  • Offer to help

You might be surprised when, next time a system upgrade comes along, you are asked to be part of the rollout team! You use a wider range of tools more deeply than most people in your organization, your input and experience are valuable. Believe it, even if they don’t… yet!

Melissa Esquibel is just one of the presenters at IAAP CAPstone 2019 for the Technology Applications specialty (TA). CAPstone 2019 is exclusively for those taking the CAP exam in 2019 or those who hold an active CAP and wish to earn a focused specialty certificate.

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The Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) credential is a prestigious honor thousands have earned over the last 15 years. Adding the CAP after your name proves to the world not only that you have the knowledge to be great at your job, but also that you are committed to your profession, success, and lifelong learning.

One thought on “The Administrative Professional as a Technology Influencer

  1. Most definitely. I’m always involved with testing new technology before it is rolled out firm wide. I’ve also been involved with creating templates with the help of an outside vendor to be used firm wide and anytime those templates need revised or tweaked, I’m the one who handles it. Our IT is off site and I’m the firm’s go to person when IT isn’t available. If I don’t know the answer, then a ticket is sent to the Help Desk. I also make suggestions for technology/protocol. Sometimes they are put into place, other times they are not.


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