Staying Grounded at Work

by Carol-Ann Hamilton


Begin by carving out consistent Me Time in your calendar. A quiet period—alone—of even 15 minutes a day is non-negotiable! Magazines count. Coaches call this ‘extreme self-care.’ Self-care is not selfish, much as some believe it’s a luxury. By regularly tuning into your thoughts and feelings, you empower yourself to answer:

  • What job responsibilities and organizational environments you prefer;
  • What success means to you;
  • What goals and dreams you seek to accomplish.

Why is this important? Only when we know what’s right by us will we also recognize when we’re off the rails.

What attitudes will keep me grounded?

Practice inner mastery

You choose your response in every moment. Do not get triggered into anger or unprofessional reactions based on others’ behaviors.

Set solid personal boundaries

You do not have to work 16-hour days to be a team player. Develop the self-confidence to say “no” to such ridiculous demands.

See work as one slice of your ‘pie’

Your in-tray will always be piled high, no matter how hard you work. Your role is not your identity.

Be grateful

What we focus on expands. Concentrate on good things and you’ll get more!

What practical steps can I take?

Borrow a healing technique

Imagine an invisible bubble around you as you ready for the day. Visualize it protecting you from negative influences no matter what.

 Get outside

Take a consistent lunch break. Go for a short walk. Even five minutes of fresh air counter-balances stale indoor climates.

Let go and lighten up

Tolerations are situations or people that drain our life force. Avoid gossiping and complaining ‘vampire’ co-workers whenever possible.

Maximize your ‘free’ time

Make your commute more pleasant by listening to music. Stay connected with friends and family members you enjoy. Use your full vacation allotment. Don’t be a martyr who prides themselves on how few holidays they take.

Parting food for thought

  • I hate to burst a big myth. You’re replaceable. What? True! Even my old-fashioned father counseled years ago to never give your last drop of blood to the “company.”
  • Remember: Even the worst workaholic never wishes they’d spent more time at the office on their deathbed.
  • Personal leadership is not about your title. It’s a take-charge attitude where you control your career so it doesn’t control you.

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Through Spirit Unlimited, Carol-Ann Hamilton is a coach, author and speaker who inspires leaders to create visionary workplaces and employees to unleash their full potential. Her motto says it all: “Encouraging Your Greatness!”

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