OneNote 2016 for Daily Efficiency

by Susan Manson, CAP, OM


I have been using OneNote for over 10 years and have found it instrumental in helping me organize my day. Here are just a few of the features I utilize which may be of benefit.

Want to have a central location to send To Do’s and improve efficiency? Then create a OneNote 2016 notebook and unleash this programs power.

To create a notebook

  1. Open OneNote
  2. Click on File (upper left corner)
  3. Choose “New”
  4. Choose “This PC”
  5. Type in a name
  6. Click on “Create”
  7. To change the location where the notebook is saved, click on Browse and save it to the new location.


Now that you have the notebook now what? Well, now the fun begins. OneNote is a great place to organize everything to help keep your day running at peak efficiency. The tabs at the top of the page can be renamed and the pages to the left store data. Have multiple managers? Give each one their own tab and quickly organize your day.


OneNote integrates with all Office Suites, so if an email comes from someone that needs action, right click and choose send to OneNote. Simply choose where you want it to go and click OK.


Another wonderful aspect is OneNote automatically saves whenever the notebook is closed so there is no need to click file, save as.

Need to locate a file? Click on the search window and type in a key word. OneNote will display everything with the key word. It also offers the ability to attach Tags, which are also searchable.


Have to embed a picture into a document? Utilize OneNote’s screen clipping feature under the insert tab.


Another helpful function of OneNote is the ability to embed meeting notes and link them to the actual meeting.

  1. Open the meeting
  2. Click on Meeting Notes. The option of Share notes with the meeting or Take notes on your own appear. Choose one


  1. Decide where to save the meeting
  2. Now begin taking your minutes 

This will also allow the ability to click on the meeting and obtain all the details.

These are just a few of the features OneNote 2016 has to offer. There are several YouTube videos and Microsoft Office also provides information on the product.

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3 thoughts on “OneNote 2016 for Daily Efficiency

  1. I love OneNote. I’ve been using it since 2011. At first, I mostly saved receipt and ideas, using it like a personal Pinterest account. Then I expanded to use OneNote on the job, in a corporate legal dept as a legal assistant. Over the years, I’ve expanded my use of ON on the job. I’ve shown coworkers useful features and they are using OneNote. I tried other, similar applications. I didn’t like any of them as much as ON. I pray that Microsoft continues to add features, including the ability to share just one page, with someone, rather than an entire notebook.


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