You Know You’re An Admin When…

Being an admin has its… let’s say… ironic moments. Like the admin who wins a service award and then has to schedule the banquet; or the admin who wins a prize at work and then has to order and ship it. We asked followers of our Facebook page to share their funny “You know you’re an admin when…” stories.

Just Put it on My Tab

Artboard 1-100When your boss takes you out for a thank you lunch or an admin professional day lunch and then gives you the receipt from the lunch to expense for him/her. –Lori Eilers

I approve all expense and time records of my executive’s direct reports. However, approving my own time and expenses would be a conflict of interest. So I’m the only one in her department whose reports are consistently approved late. She regularly receives “hate mail” from HR & Accounting prior to escalating my tardy reports to the CEO’s office. I contact the CEO’s EA, who graciously approves my reports on his behalf before anyone else is sanctioned.  –Lynne Daniels Woida

You know when you’re an admin when you order your own Admin Professional Day flowers, on your company AMEX. –Carol Mitchell

I’m in HR and my organization has new employee orientation every Monday. As part of orientation, we provide drink/pastry/fruit catering service. In the past our cafeteria staff would put our order together based on the list of new hires I would send them. As of last week we moved to an electronic form to order food and drinks. Of course the task of creating and submitting the order fell to me because I’m the admin for the employment section of the HR dept. All went fine up until the moment I needed to approve and submit the form. I wasn’t given approval or submission rights on that one form. I carry a company credit card and corporate card for purchasing and travel, but wasn’t given approval or submission rights for a catering request that usually runs between $40 – $70. I told my boss I’d just put it on the card!  –Monica Chavez-Rodriguez 

Blame it on the Day Job

Artboard 2-100When you find glaring typos in the church bulletin but refrain from highlighting it and placing it in the “Share your Concerns” box. –Leslie Andy Sawyers

When you’re invited to lunch with the team but you have to make the reservations and select the location! LOL –Enrique-Andrea Estrada

Who had to plan and coordinate the Administrative Professionals Day luncheon for the office staff including me? Ya, of course. –Cindy Tietz

When your boss tries to surprise you with cake and flowers for Administrative Professionals Day but has no idea where to get the plates, napkins, forks and cake knife so leaves that part to you. –Joanne Kerollis Taussig

You get a surprise birthday cake in a meeting of executives where you are the recording secretary. And you have to get up and cut the cake and serve it during the meeting.  😉 –Lisa Miller

Happy Birthday to… Me

Artboard 3-100I was expected to send around my own birthday card and buy my own birthday cake. 😳 -Christine Barone Adamczak 

Every month I receive birthday cards for the birthdays in our office. I pass them around for everyone to sign. In December, the package is delivered to me. I don’t distribute my card for signature. I save it Incase the August delivery is late and the 8/1 birthday still gets a card. I never get one. –Theresa Ann Morgan Redmond

Like others… Passing around my own birthday card. The upside is that I get to pick which card I want. Still, I’m (somewhat) surprised when it makes it back to my desk, and it feels good to be celebrated by my coworkers. Plus, I get a chuckle out of it every time! –Leisa Vandehey

When you’re promoted and end up writing your own announcement, sourcing the correct employee list from HR for distribution, and sending on behalf of the new boss! It’s all good though… love the new job! –Heather Ashley Steffen

When we lead and coordinate an entire Centerwide Promotional Contest Event for three months. The day of recognizing participants and celebrating achievements, your boss forgets to thank the very person that made it all happen since inception, to include the Award Celebration Event.

She later apologized privately on an email. –Mtz Rosemarie

Be Careful What You Wish For

Artboard 4-100When you feel left out that you’re not included in weekend emails and updates, and then you complain about getting weekend emails and updates… 🤣☺️ –Kristen Wallace Damon

You know you’re an Admin when you go away on a cruise for 8 days and your boss with 5 other people email you and expect you to answer! Really! –Cat Smith

You know you’re an admin when you are taking minutes and everyone asks “Did you get all that?” –Zesira Lucia Smith

Let Me Just Jot that Down

Artboard 5-100When you’re asked to sit in on a meeting on a tense subject and pretend to take minutes just to keep the men from expressing negative emotions/words. –Beth Hart

Your boss calls your desk phones and asks you to bring her tissues because she has “the sniffles.” –Lindsay Anaya

Bon Voyage

Artboard 6-100When you organize your own send-off party. –Katono Florence

Encountered a “You know you’re an admin when…” story of your own? Add it to the comments.

*Some posts may have been edited for length or clarity.

10 thoughts on “You Know You’re An Admin When…

  1. You know your Admin when your close family member passes away and you have to send the flowers to funeral and process the invoice several weeks later and remind your boss who instructed you to order them what the invoice is for.


  2. You know you’re an HR admin when, on your last day of work, you have to calculate your own vacation pay and process your own paperwork while instructing your supervisor how to do this for the future.


  3. You know you’re an Admin when your boss makes you get an account and sign into Skype every day so she knows when you are in your office…and you sit right outside of hers.


  4. You know you’re an admin when… you organize and celebrate the professional days/birthdays of others in the office, but they don’t realize it’s Administrative Professional’s Day/Week or your birthday unless you mention it.


  5. …when your boss slams her door like a crash of lightning because she’s stressed … and you don’t take it personally … but you were talking on the phone a bit animatedly (louder) for the first time in WEEKS … because you usually never have time for chit chat or emotions!


  6. When you supervisor asks to you arrange meeitng logistics, catering and minutes and you proceed to sit next to him at the meeting and he asks you to sit to the back of the room.


  7. When the VP of HR asks you to order some holiday gift baskets for her team and then tells you to order one for yourself.


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