5 Tips for Finding Nontraditional Event Spaces

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by Jai Singh

SF - Sophisticated Pac Heights -58e423df6191d20b0047eff3

The expectations from meeting and event planners are higher than ever to top each experience. More and more attendees demand one-of-a-kind event experiences, event organizers are beginning to look at the venue as a way to meet their expectations. Leveraging innovative venue marketplaces like Peerspace has made it even easier for you to “think outside the ballroom.”

In fact, American Express’s 2017 “Global Meetings and Events Forecast”* predicts that the demand for unique venues will increase by 3.7 percent this year, while the demand for traditional spaces will remain relatively flat.

Whether you’re hosting the annual holiday party or facilitating a breakout session, these less conventional spaces will help you serve up the unexpected to attendees. Choosing a unique venue gives attendees something to talk about, and encourages them to share the experience on social media. Imagine attendees on a rooftop loft sharing the view with followers on Instagram, using the event hashtag!

Here are a few tips to consider when searching for one-of-a-kind event venues. Click the picture to learn more about the interesting event space.

1. Look for outdoor spaces

LA - Modern Pacific Luxury Estate - 582f90546d8c590900e61e0d

Spaces with outdoor access can help large events disperse attendees while also providing a new view.

2. Think about versatility

SF - Urban Winery -5702da86dbfb2a09001aad00

Warehouses are a great blank space that can be transformed to create a custom unique event that fits whatever theme you choose.

3. Elevate the experience

CHI - River North Art Gallery - 57b2350293487e1f00284407

Sleek modern elements can help set the tone for the evening, especially if you’re looking to elevate everyone’s experience.

4. Make it Instagram-worthy

NY - Meatpacking Studio - 57d1982593487e1f002881e5

Architectural elements add excitement and flair to your event without purchasing any additional decor.

5. Inquire about amenities

CHI - Contemporary Space -576862523a13b609007731d0

Look for spaces with built in amenities that can be leveraged to create a fun atmosphere, such as a photo booth or stage.

PS_Logo_Vert_RGB-_LargeWhen in doubt, it’s always wise to consult an expert. To start your search for one-of-a-kind event spaces visit Peerspace.

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