Tips to Boost Office Productivity with a “Back-to-School” Mindset

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Summer ending signals the start of back-to-school season, and while you may have said goodbye to your school days years ago, it’s easy to recall the energy, excitement and fresh possibilities a new school year provides. Why not capture some of this back-to-school magic and channel it into your professional life?

Here are some ways to apply a back-to-school mindset to your office life for an extra boost of motivation and productivity.

  • Stock Up on Supplies – Part of the excitement of going back to school is the shopping. While it may seem minor, there’s nothing quite like using a new pen or starting a fresh calendar or notepad, creating the feeling of a fresh start that accompanies going back to school. Right now, stores are loaded with school and office supplies, so take advantage of the back-to-school season and score a deal.
  • Organize Your Workspace – On the first day of school, your new desk was a blank canvas with maximum potential for productivity. Chances are, your current workspace is a far cry from your school days, as it’s easy to let papers, files and unnecessary items clutter your desk over time. Using a “back-to-school” mindset, take time to reevaluate your workspace, get rid of the clutter, and ensure the essential materials you need are strategically placed for easy access. A fresh, clean space will leave you feeling re-energized, less stressed and ready to tackle the workday.
  • Set New Goals – Whether it was to join a team, ace a class or make new friends, the start of the school year was the ideal time to set goals for the year ahead. While this time of year is back-to-school season for students, it’s the start of the third quarter in the business world—making it an ideal time to re-evaluate the goals, determine if adjustments need to be made or new ones need to be set. Physically write them down on copy paper and post them prominently in your workspace to serve as a reminder of what you’ve set out to accomplish.
  • Reconnect – One of the best parts of going back-to-school was reconnecting with friends you didn’t see over summer break. Use the back-to-school season to reach out to old colleagues and clients to catch up or refresh business discussions.
  • Learn Something New – You may have traded the classroom for the conference room, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to pick up a new skill—especially if it relates to your career. Enroll in an online course or training program to brush up on new software or business strategies, and think of challenging work tasks as opportunities to learn and grow.

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