How To Automate Business Forms and Signatures In 3 Easy Steps

by Tom Vorves, MOS, ITIL

Times are changing my friends…

Sending forms to collect information and signatures is a part of any business. Most are still using the tried and true methods of the past: snail mail, FedEx, UPS…

Recently I was in Phoenix teaching an Adobe Acrobat class for Learn iT! to a group of construction supervisors. I was amazed at the amount of work they had to do to complete their daily jobs. These supervisors were required to gather work hours from their team at the multiple job sites, and get signatures from on-site clients every day. One of the challenges was having to pre-think every job-site visit and print all the forms they might need prior to getting on the road for the day. The forms were already on their servers but there was no easy way to call them up at the job site for signatures.

This company was using email and document signing services prior to discovering Adobe DC.

They were sending forms via email using a service called DocuSign which allowed them to send a link to a customer so they could review and sign a document. There are many such services:


Adobe Document Cloud helped them change how they do business in their ever-changing, dynamic environment.

Now, by using their tablet and smart phone, they can quickly get to the proper PDF, open it, tap a few ‘Sign Here’ buttons and the client is now able to sign off on important documents right on their smart phone and tablets. Adobe DC (Document Cloud) has been a game changer for this company.


Adobe Document Cloud Services is a better, faster more efficient way to collect information and signatures

Are you using Adobe PDF documents to collect form information and signatures? Then you should consider using Adobe Document Cloud to distribute and organize your important contract PDFs that require signatures.


Using Adobe for all your PDF needs is a logical choice because Adobe DC and Acrobat PDFs work seamlessly together

Adobe DC is made up of three key tools to manage your PDFs. These three tools work seamlessly to make form building, distribution and signatures easy and fast for everyone involved.

Adobe DC will make your business forms easier and more efficient with these 3 Adobe services:

  1. Acrobat DC to Create PDFs
  2. Adobe Document Cloud for form distribution and storage
  3. Adobe Sign for form eSignatures


Adobe Document Cloud provides many great services. Here are a few:

eSignatures Anytime Everywhere

Acrobat DC brings e-signing capabilities to any device connected to the web. Now anyone can legally sign documents with a finger on a touch-enabled device including a phone – or with a few quick clicks in a browser. More than just a signing app, Acrobat DC makes it easy to send, track and store signed documents.

Legal eSignatures

Send legally binding documents that recipients can sign from anywhere, worldwide, in a browser or on a mobile device

Fill and Sign any Form – Fast

Type on your form or drag and drop text from your personal autofill collection – on a computer, browser, tablet or phone

Convert Existing Forms to Fillable PDFs

Turn existing paper, Word, Excel or PDF forms into digital forms that are easy to fill in and sign

Send and Track PDF Documents Online

Make sure your files reach their destination with instant confirmation. Never bother with overnight delivery again

Learn more about Adobe DC at and sign up for my newsletter to get my next series of blog posts where I will show you How To get started with Adobe Document Cloud in 3 steps:

  1. Sign up and Access an Adobe DC account
  2. Create and Distribute an Adobe PDF for completion and signatures
  3. Track the Status of all your documents in one easy to use Adobe DC Dashboard

For in-person training on this and many other topics, register for IAAP TEC17 today!

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