Know When to Say “No”

When managers ask subordinates to take on an assignment, it is often a sign of their confidence in an employees’ abilities and reliability. The same goes for when colleagues ask each other for help. But sometimes those extra assignments can cause an employee to become less reliable if the workload becomes too burdensome. That can cause the quality of an employee’s work to falter or they are forced to work an insane amount of hours just to get caught up on their to-do list.

Are You Carrying An Invisible Backpack?

As we passed the first anniversary of the COVID 19 outbreak, many of us remembered the past year as one of the most challenging periods in our history. A year that has, and continues to shake us to the core in terms of how we work, engage with our family and friends and view the world.

Don’t Let Emotional Investing Cloud Your Judgement

It’s important to maintain a level head in times of market turbulence. But that is often easier said than done, especially in the heat of market volatility. Even with the best intentions, investors can be challenged by their own bias and emotions when it comes to making investment decisions.