2 Tips for Administrative Assistants You Can Implement Right Away

Administrative assistants spend their days juggling a plethora of responsibilities: managing schedules, keeping detailed records, conducting research, and handling every other project that comes their way. But there are tactics you can implement immediately to help make your busy life as an administrative assistant a little less hectic.

Are You Carrying An Invisible Backpack?

As we passed the first anniversary of the COVID 19 outbreak, many of us remembered the past year as one of the most challenging periods in our history. A year that has, and continues to shake us to the core in terms of how we work, engage with our family and friends and view the world.

Microsoft Outlook: How to Automate Email Responses with Quick Parts

In Microsoft Outlook, there are four ways to save time by automating email responses: Templates, Signatures, Quick Parts, and Automatic Replies, also known as Out of Office. Of these options, my favorite is Quick Parts. Whether you are composing a new message or replying to an existing message, Quick Parts is a time-saving way to easily build an email response.