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Thank you for updating your contact information for us! Now we can stay in touch a bit more easily. If you’re interested in learning more about the many benefits IAAP offers, click any of these buttons below to explore:

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5 thoughts on “Thanks for Updating Your Information!

  1. I am a “retired-plus” person now, meaning I’ve passed my 70th birthday. NSA, then PSI, and IAAP met a huge professional need in my life since 1968. I have several “lifetime friends” whom I met through the organization. I learned SO many things at the Chapter and Division levels — those years will always be highlights of my life. I’m sure the new format will meet the needs of the new generation of office professionals. Keep up the good work, EVERYONE!


  2. Like Lynne, I’m a +70 retiree who no longer works for a paycheck. I joined this association while it was still NSA (for a few months) and was so fortunate to join a chapter where members felt learning should be a life-long experience and I still embrace that. I still attend IAAP functions, participate in webinars, and share knowledge I have learned over the years. When I first joined I loved sitting at tables with the tenured members and hearing about their office experiences. Now I am one of those. Enjoy and value your membership.


  3. Thank you for keeping me posted. I attended IAAP 2013 in Anaheim, California and I enjoyed the interaction and exchange of work experiences. The conference was an eye opener for me. One particular topic that really touched me was to “Speak Out”. It has worked for me. You are doing a good job – please keep it up, we value you.

    Florence Kibirango,


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