How to Make a Corporate Travel Policy

Why have a travel policy if your team doesn’t follow the rules? Unfortunately, the problem with most travel policies is simple: they are too long. Who has time to read and understand (and remember) all those details? What your employees need is a straightforward, one-page corporate travel policy. You can’t possibly cover all the contingencies on a single page, but you can highlight the key elements of your corporate travel policy, giving folks your most important guidelines in an easy-to-grasp format. A well-constructed document will make life on the road easier for your employees and increase travel policy compliance.

6 Tips for Evaluating Ground Transportation Providers for Meetings & Events

The meetings and events industry, as reported by The Carlson Wagonlit Travel Management Institute, spends more than $650 billion each year on hotels, airfares, entertainment, food and beverage. That’s billion with a “b.” Even with astronomical amounts of money poured into these efforts there remains a significant gap in the meetings and event planning process for most businesses worldwide. And, as executive administrators and travel managers, saddled with planning the details, that gap is often a pit that can swallow the success of an entire event.