10 Tips For Earning Respect in the Workplace

During a series of presentations, I became engaged in two different discussions on opposite sides of the same issue. The point that came up in both conversations was that of someone demanding respect, rather than earning it. On the first day, I had several admins who felt they could not respect their manager for various reasons that they spelled out to me. On the second, I had a manager (yes, the same manager) who felt her admin staff was not respectful to her as a supervisor.

How to Make a Corporate Travel Policy

Why have a travel policy if your team doesn’t follow the rules? Unfortunately, the problem with most travel policies is simple: they are too long. Who has time to read and understand (and remember) all those details? What your employees need is a straightforward, one-page corporate travel policy. You can’t possibly cover all the contingencies on a single page, but you can highlight the key elements of your corporate travel policy, giving folks your most important guidelines in an easy-to-grasp format. A well-constructed document will make life on the road easier for your employees and increase travel policy compliance.