10 Cool Ways You Can Use Microsoft OneNote

Much of the data you work with each day probably gets stored electronically in some way: you save appointments, meetings, and contacts in Outlook and you likely manage lists and other key data in an Excel worksheet or Word table. How do you handle the stacks of data that doesn’t fit into the most popular Microsoft Office programs? What’s the best way to handle notes from meetings…

Microsoft Excel: 5 Tips to Work with Text

Numbers and formulas aren’t the only important data in Microsoft Excel. Text entries are also a key part of worksheet data. Whether the text is a column heading or a critical data element, Excel includes many ways to improve the layout, appearance, and value of text.

Microsoft Word Tricks: 3 Simple Ways to Keep Text Together

Most of the time, we want text in a Microsoft Word document to automatically wrap, that is, to move to the next line when it is too long to fit on one line. Word wrap is great except when it breaks up text we want to stay together such as dates, names, phone numbers, phrases, formulas, titles or other text that should remain together on the same line. Fortunately, Word has some easy ways to keep text together.