6 Golden Rules for Better Time Management

by Lorena Prime You cannot manage time, but you can manage yourself! Time management is about habit changes—tiny behavior modifications that help you be more productive. The goal of greater productivity isn’t to complete more tasks, but rather to complete the right tasks that lead to significant results. By focusing on the right things, you’ll feel more satisfied, get promoted faster,…

6 Tips for Evaluating Ground Transportation Providers for Meetings & Events

The meetings and events industry, as reported by The Carlson Wagonlit Travel Management Institute, spends more than $650 billion each year on hotels, airfares, entertainment, food and beverage. That’s billion with a “b.” Even with astronomical amounts of money poured into these efforts there remains a significant gap in the meetings and event planning process for most businesses worldwide. And, as executive administrators and travel managers, saddled with planning the details, that gap is often a pit that can swallow the success of an entire event.