Collaborative Communication That Fosters Teambuilding

Ever wondered why you instantly click with some people while others get on your nerves? Why are you able to communicate effectively with some and not with others? Many researchers have found that the colors and shapes you prefer can predict your personality and communication styles. Once you recognize and understand your own personality and communication color and shape, you will be able to recognize your coworkers’ personality and communication styles. By being able to recognize how you communicate with others and how they communicate with you, your communication skills will vastly improve, and this will increase your ability to work as part of a team.

Take Charge of Your Career Progression

by Sara Canaday As I travel to different cities speaking to various business groups, I am consistently seeing a common problem. While companies fully recognize that reaching their goals and being successful is dependent on developing their employees, the vast majority of them struggle to make that a priority. They simply don’t have the time,…